Storming opposition to late Shinzo Abe’s state funeral

After ex-Prirme Minister Shinzo Abe shot down to death by Tetsuya Yamagami, Prime Minister Kishida propmtly declared that he would hold a state funeral for Shinzo Abe.  It was a cabinet decision, without any discussion on the Diet or any legal basis for having the funeral. First upon the sad news, most of the Japanese people were sympathetic about the sudeen death of Abe. Before long, it revealed that Mr. Abe was targeted by Tetsuya Yamagami because Mr. Abe had been  supportive for the Family Federation, former Unification Church, which has bee notorious for the wrong doings and recognized as a cult, and Yamagami’s mother became a follower of the Family Federation and devoted all the property to the cult.

On the Internet, twitter hash tag #国葬反対 (it means Opposition to the state funeral) is spreading.

The tweet below shows a demo at Shinjuku station to oppose to having the state funeralfor late Shinzo Abe.

The tweet below is a news paper article that reports demos were held at Shinjuku station and other sites in Tokyo.

Actually, polls by many different media sources all showed that majority of Japanese people are opposing to the Abe’s state funeral as the tweet below shows.

Why Koreans are hated by Japanese?

This is one answer for that question. In the video shown below, Koreans are in white, Japanese are in red uniforms. A Korean player throw away his tapings after the game.  The captain of the Japanese team go furious about that behavior and the Korean picked up the trash and handed to Korean captain. Now the Korean captain throw it away again onto the ground. For the soccer players, the ground is a sacred place.  No one can understand why Korean soccer players can do such insulting behavior. It is just beyond understanding.

Japanense government notices the new name “Reiwa” for the new era

I was born in Showa era, and experienced Heisei era and now entering the new era Reiwa starting this April. This is a big deal for all Japanese because we officially present the year in our own Japanese name, like the year  Heisei 31  or the year Show 20. The name for each era represents the period of each Emperor’s time. Traditionally, the era ends when the Emperor passes away. This time it  is an exception. The Heisei Emperor yeiled its title to his son while still living.

Pronunciation of 刺客 Shikyaku or Shikaku

刺客 means a thug or thugs.  刺 (shi) means to stab. 客(kyaku) means a visitor. So it means someone who comes to kill you. I thought the pronunciation was “shikyaku” but when I referred to a web dictionary, I found that Shikaku is right but now many Japanese actually use Shikyaku as well. So, may be both are fine.




What staples and staplers are called in Japanese?

A stapler is called hocchikisu or hochikisu(ホッチキス or ホチキス)in Japanese.  Staples are called hochikisu-no-shin (針、芯)(or, hari(針), or tama(玉)). Interestingly, there are no consensus on how to call the staples. I hear all three. I have used “tama” but my wife says it is “shin”.


A survey showed “hari” is the most popular (46%), “shin” (26%), and “tama” (19%).


はり …  46%(うち20代  33%)
しん …  26%(  〃   51%)
たま …  19%(  〃  14%) 

When written, I think most Japanese would use ホチキス but many pronunciate it as ホッチキス.

Dirty TV CM not acceptable in public in Japan


Where is the border for indecency that cannot be acceptable in public in Japan? Recently Suntory, one of the leading companies manufacturing and selling beverages in Japan, aired a series of TV commercials. Suntory have got harsh criticism for the TV CMs being too dirty. Suntory immediately widrawn these TV CMs.

The word usage by a women in a CM implies that bear form is used as a metaphor for semen. In another CM, the woman’s act implies a blow job. What do you think?

The following video is a compilation of the CMs that got harsh criticism from the public.
【ごっくん しちゃった!】「お酒飲みながらしゃぶるのがうみゃあで」- サントリー「頂〈いただき〉」新発売ビール絶頂うまい出張シリーズ



  1. サントリーがビールを精液っぽく表現したCMで炎上!公開中止になった“コックゥ~ん!しちゃった”なCM動画の内容は!? 2017/07/08 UPDATE

Japanese confectionery in modern times

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン) is a Japanese comic in 1990s.


美少女:びしょうじょ Bi-Shojo  A Beautiful girl

戦士:せんし Senshi A warrior

セーラームーン:せーらーむーん Se-ra-mu-n

Evgenia Medvedeva (エフゲニア・メドベージェワ) performs Sailor Moon in 2017 ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating.

YOUTUBE: エフゲニア・メドベージェワ ”セーラームーン” – 2017 世界国別対抗戦フィギュア


  1. 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Wikipedia in Japanese)