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Dirty TV CM not acceptable in public in Japan

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Where is the border for indecency that cannot be acceptable in public in Japan? Recently Suntory, one of the leading companies manufacturing and selling beverages in Japan, aired a series of TV commercials. Suntory have got harsh criticism for the TV CMs being too dirty. Suntory immediately widrawn these TV CMs.

The word usage by a women in a CM implies that bear form is used as a metaphor for semen. In another CM, the woman’s act implies a blow job. What do you think?

The following video is a compilation of the CMs that got harsh criticism from the public.
【ごっくん しちゃった!】「お酒飲みながらしゃぶるのがうみゃあで」- サントリー「頂〈いただき〉」新発売ビール絶頂うまい出張シリーズ



  1. サントリーがビールを精液っぽく表現したCMで炎上!公開中止になった“コックゥ~ん!しちゃった”なCM動画の内容は!? 2017/07/08 UPDATE
この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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