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What staples and staplers are called in Japanese?

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A stapler is called hocchikisu or hochikisu(ホッチキス or ホチキス)in Japanese.  Staples are called hochikisu-no-shin (針、芯)(or, hari(針), or tama(玉)). Interestingly, there are no consensus on how to call the staples. I hear all three. I have used “tama” but my wife says it is “shin”.


A survey showed “hari” is the most popular (46%), “shin” (26%), and “tama” (19%).


はり …  46%(うち20代  33%)
しん …  26%(  〃   51%)
たま …  19%(  〃  14%) 

When written, I think most Japanese would use ホチキス but many pronunciate it as ホッチキス.

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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