Storming opposition to late Shinzo Abe’s state funeral

After ex-Prirme Minister Shinzo Abe shot down to death by Tetsuya Yamagami, Prime Minister Kishida propmtly declared that he would hold a state funeral for Shinzo Abe.  It was a cabinet decision, without any discussion on the Diet or any legal basis for having the funeral. First upon the sad news, most of the Japanese people were sympathetic about the sudeen death of Abe. Before long, it revealed that Mr. Abe was targeted by Tetsuya Yamagami because Mr. Abe had been  supportive for the Family Federation, former Unification Church, which has bee notorious for the wrong doings and recognized as a cult, and Yamagami’s mother became a follower of the Family Federation and devoted all the property to the cult.

On the Internet, twitter hash tag #国葬反対 (it means Opposition to the state funeral) is spreading.

The tweet below shows a demo at Shinjuku station to oppose to having the state funeralfor late Shinzo Abe.

The tweet below is a news paper article that reports demos were held at Shinjuku station and other sites in Tokyo.

Actually, polls by many different media sources all showed that majority of Japanese people are opposing to the Abe’s state funeral as the tweet below shows.